Welcome to Bolduc Information Services.
Based in Merriam KS, we are the Kansas City area's
full service Information Systems consultancy
specializing in small to medium businesses.

*We develop and maintain websites.
*We can setup and maintain networks from 2-3 desktop peer to peers up to 100s of workstations.
From cabling to applications.
*We give you a choice of operating systems, Microsoft or low cost, reliable,safe and secure Linux systems.
*We can setup nearly any application and develop custom database apps as well as POS, CRM,and Web stores.
*We also repair and maintain all your hardware.
*We truly are your one stop shop for small business information technology needs.

  Joe, the owner, has been around computers since the the early '80s and has been working in the industry
for over 15 years. He's spent time in nearly every aspect of the field at one time or another. Joe is
Novell CNA and A+ certified and while he's never gone for the MCSE's he's been working with Microsoft products
since Windows 3.1.Probably forgotten more than many new techs will ever learn :).
  Having owned and run small non-IT businesses of his own, and had people try to sell him information services
for those businesses, Joe knows better than many IT specialists what you really need. $20,000 servers and
$50,000 software often isn't what many small businesses need. We know that and won't try to sell that to you.

  Our Website design credo is "No fancy stuff". No video, Macromedia,or Flash intros.(Unless that's what
you want.) Why? Because most small businesses have no need for those several thousand dollar sites. It would
be a waste of your money. Some of your customers may still be on dial-up connections. Try loading a big fancy
site over that. Your customers don't have time to wait for fancy pages or for wading through complicated menus.
For most businesses, simple is better. Like our site. We do not have a lot of web designs to display as much of
our work has been on Intranets (inhouse company websites)but click on the link below for some recent examples.

  Our hourly rate is $65 an hour, quite reasonable and well within the range of most small businesses.
To reach us, or call (mobile) 816-289-2294.


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